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  Raised Norfolk, VA within a culture that lacked formal education, little spiritual understanding and frequent violence life appeared to most hard, unfair and hopeless. Somehow Nasia's perspective focused on the possibility to overcome than become a victim. Listen as he brings light to tragedy, understanding to poverty, and insight beyond his years through a genre of music he has loved his whole life.


At an early age Nasia found relief in storytelling and poetry. At age 15 his older cousin who rapped introduced him to a way to make his poetry flow over beats, this was his first interaction with rhyming. He soon became obsessed with the idea of making poems and stories sound musical. Nasia soon began to consume any Hip-Hop he could grab, with Nas, Outkast, W-Tang and Mase being huge early influences. He soon began to seek to share his music and rapping skills, performing at open mics and any cypher or street battle he could find.  He with a High School friend Raynell “Perks” Perkins , a friend to Perks named Damon “Early” Upshaw teamed with a Producer from New Jersey to become apart of his Label group called “Water Works”.


Under Water Works the group released a project called 6 months or better. He later began to record more frequently and amassed a great deal of music outside of the group and in 2006 released a solo project called “Truth Shines” under his former stage name “Meda”. He went on to release a second project independently in 2010 called “My First Life”.  His personal life then began to take a different turn after being introduced to the message of the Kingdom of Heaven and Christ. He began to question all aspects of his life music being a huge piece.


After years of internal battle and a passion to share his life’s experiences and culture he decided to peruse music again with a deep commitment to inspiring and motivating through Hip-Hop. He changed his stage name from “Meda” to his birth name Nasia and decided to let whom would listen see how much his own life has changed with rediscovering his Passions, Dreams and Truths.  This unique approach to hip-hop is a reach in today’s, speed of information consumption. He has crafted thought provoking, self-examining music that is simple to understand yet grand to the listeners who have the ear to hear his heart. Nasia believes music is a vehicle that GOD has given him to reach those who otherwise could not grasp truth in more formal ways. Listen to his music with an open mind, clear heart and allow it to inspire what is in you to find and continue to find a way out. This is what he calls  “Don’t Die with Dreams Inside” the beginning of “Leader Music”.